Dinner on a Lake

I’ve been with the man friend for almost three years, and in this amount of time I would say that I’ve gotten to know him fairly well. He’s very intelligent and has a quick wit. He is a proud Belgian who loves Antwerp above all. He’s funny and charming. He is not the most romantic type; he’s a blunt and honest person who rolls his eyes at me when I suggest we do something that I know is out of his character.

So imagine my surprise to see that romantic dinners on a lake are not out of his character!

Dinner on a Lake is a pop up restaurant concept in Belgium that has been around for a couple of years. This year the restaurant was built on the lake of Leeuwergem Castle, a mere hour drive from our beautiful city of Antwerp. And Jeroen, knowing how much I would adore this type of outing, booked us a table for one of the last weekends it was running.

Our night comprised of a four course dinner, complete with wine pairings and a complementary gin and tonic or champagne upon arrival. At €150 pp, it wasn’t the cheapest of nights, but the night was memorable and overall it was a unique and… one would say… romantic experience.

Unfortunately, the 2017 season is over (as the fall/winter season is approaching in Belgium, and no one wants to be stranded in open water during that), but word has it the restaurant will be back in a new location for the summer of 2018.


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